Wednesday, 7 April 2010

More books arrived yesterday to add to the growing pile to take to the boat. 'Changes', the new Jim Butcher book in the Harry Dresden series, may not survive unread that long.

 As the schools are on Easter Holidays this week, there will be no Singing Group, no Sewing Class, and no Knitting Group. But I shall not be deprived of activity.

Singing: I find myself singing the bass part to the songs we have learned, every day, not just on 'Singing Tuesday'.

Sewing: I'm working at home to finish off the 'practice' bag (handles and lining tape) so that I can start the one with the inset zip after the Easter Break.

Knitting: I'm working on garments to take to the boat; a couple of camisoles in bamboo tape (it looks a little like very narrow ribbon); a 'Miss Marple shawl in fine, 4ply Posh Yarn, for those Spring and Summer mornings on the boat when it's too chilly to eat breakfast-in-bed without something over the shoulders; knee-length socks to wear with boots on the cold starts to the cruising day.