Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Easter Monday's walk was taken in the local 'rec' in the early afternoon. We met a lovely Staffie who supposedly didn't like little dogs. Ron soon charmed her with his friendly demeanour and they walked side-by-side, both on-lead,  for quite some time.

We'd missed lunch by the time the walk was over and I asked to be taken into 'Just Desserts' for an early afternoon tea. I was disappointed to see that the cafe had been closed for the Bank Holiday (they must be French or perhaps they didn't see any reason to change their opening times to cater for the Bank Holiday weekend crowd), so we shopped for the makings of a home-made tea.

 A fresh cream version of the 'g√Ęteau mille-feuille' is a whopping 380 calories but as we'd had no lunch and I'm still creeping downwards from my target weight, this was my choice to go with the pot of Ceylon. MWW likes these too and couldn't resist adding a Battenburg that was on special offer to his choice.