Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Singing Aloud was quite challenging last night. There was a new, very nervous male, who took a lot of M'Tutor's time. The poor bloke started the evening with the bass section but it was soon clear that that wasn't where he belonged as his voice wandered up an octave on various lines.

I suspect he was a 'Slow Learner' at school because he found sticking with his section very difficult. When we sang 'Bella Mama' (an easy 'round), he frantically joined in with whichever part had reached the sustained high note and threw the rest of the section out of kilter.

In addition trying to cope with the new member, M' Tutor changed the format of the evening - again. After the break we pulled songs we had done in earlier weeks from a hat. The only problem with that was that some songs had been taught before some members had joined the group so they were learning lots of new songs.

I do wish the M'Tutor would realise that sticking to the lesson plan of a 'New song, break, consolodate an old song/s' works best when the members present changes from week to week.