Sunday, 13 August 2017

Summer is back

although nature seems to be in Autumn already.

Blackberries @Stanwick Lakes

The blackberries are almost all gone. This speckled wood butterfly is feasting on the last of the ripe berries.

Elderberries @Stanwick Lakes

The elderberries are ripe and ready for picking

We had a day on the boat today. It needed cleaning and clearing of many spiders' webs. When we went on board, MWNN noticed there was no power; neither mains nor battery power was working. After a bit of help from a neighbouring boater, we managed to get the mains power working, but the batteries were absolutely flat.

While MWNN commenced with the vacuum, I took Ron for walk number 2, along Stanwick Lakes cycle track.

The track runs between the woodland that separate the lakes and runs alongside the river Nene.

We passed a lone fisherman on the fishing lake opposite the lake in which the boat is moored.

We watched boaters enjoying the side branch of the river, between Watts Marine moorings and Blackthorne Marina,

and noisy paddleboarders (and their dogs) on the other side of the bridge Ron and I were crossing.

I'd expected more people on the cycle track, but it was no busier than other times of the year when the weather is fine.

There was a group of cyclists, a couple of runners, some walkers, and a pair of horse-riders.

Unusually, I was the sole dog-walker on the track.

We about-turned after the bridge, and returned to a clean boat in time for lunch. Then it was nap time before tea and home. The battery maintenance box was still flashing red (and green by the end of the day). We return tomorrow to check the status of the batteries.