Saturday, 6 May 2017

Some things which were lost and some things which were found

MWNN and I are slowly getting the 'stuff' which was displaced re-integrated (or dumped, given to charity, swapped) into its correct storage space.

Some things, which we thought were gone, have re-apeared (eg filters for the kettle), and duplicates (six sets of earphones for various electronic devices and two picnic sets).

But one important item has failed to materialise.

I recently had a large Lowry print re-framed, because the old frame was broken after falling off the wall in the guest room, for the third time. This reminded me (don't ask, I arrived at it by a very convoluted route)of a Batik I had made after our cruise through the French Ardennes into Belgium in 2000. There it was that we came across the legend of Quatre Fils D'Aymon. The idea of the magnificent horse, Bayard, carrying the four sons of Aymon away from Charlemagne's army fired my imagination. I decided to work an image, not in embroidery (too large a project), but in batik. As we cruised, I kept a notebook of photos, sketches, and information, and made rough designs on which to base the batik.

I made a mock-up in applique, which was used as the template for the batik piece.

I was fairly pleased with the result and had it framed at the local art shop. It hung for a while on MWNN's bedroom wall. Then it was replaced by shelving when MWNN's study was re-converted back into a guest room, and the garage conversion became his new study (2005).

Since 2005, I have not seen the framed batik. There has been plenty of opportunity for finding it as we re-organise the study, conservatory, utility, and larder and remove things from the loft to create more archival storage space. But nary a sign of it.

I may have to print off a small version of the original image (as it was prior to framing) and keep it as a memento.