Sunday, 20 March 2016

Sunday in Southwold

Early lunch at Mrs T's.

is always busy, no matter what time of the year, no matter what the weather.

Today was never going to be a good one, weatherswise, but it wasn't bad, either. MWNN drove to the RNLI car park, via the town. We needed cleaning supplies, and he wanted to stroll on the beach without the prelude of half a mile walk along the quay.  Ron and I walked to the meet-up point.

We passed a group who were doing a spot of crabbing. "Things will get very competetive", said one of the women brandishing a net.

The Jack Russel was more concerned with the one that got away/ It was so big, it tunnelled under the wall.

The ferryman showed how to bring a boat safely across the river on an ebbing tide. It looked as if he was rowing in the wrong direction and getting nowhere fast, but he was using the tide and wind to bring the boat safely to the dock in Walberwick.

MWNN and I arrived at the kiosk at exactly the same time. I paid for an hour's parking and we walked along the beach to Gunn Hill. Ron joined a game of chase the ball with a large dog, so enthusiastically that I was worried he'd be swept out by the racing tide. I had to run to catch up. The wind was so strong that Ron couldn't hear my calls and whistles. On the way back, we watched a group of young spaniels playing. One owner kept tight control by using a dog whistle to recall his pup.

Back in the car park, we were all a little puffed from our exertions on the beach. I bought a latte for MWNN, a tea for me. Then I went back for a strawberry ice cream as this was our last day.

Suitably fortified, I walked back to the cottage while MWNN drove a wet Ron in the warm car. Again, we arrived at the same time and fell upon a late lunch,