Saturday, 19 March 2016

Mixed weather

for my morning walk with Ron.

I headed over the bailey bridge in thick cloud, and decided to turn right across Tinkers' Marsh.

The footpath follows the course of the River Blyth, inland towards Blythburgh..

On the left, the Walberswick Mashes stretch out towards the horizon.

Large flocks of sea birds were visible on the meres.

Large white pigs were visible through the drizzle, on the farm beyond the meres. Suffolk is famous for the fine quality pork produced on its free-range farms.

Across the river, to my right,  I had some fine views of the pump-mill and Quay House.

The clouds began to thin over Blythburgh, and Quay House was bathed in sunshine.

The stiff breeze was quite icy as Ron and I were walking beneath the thick clouds on the Walbersqick side of the river. We turned, quickened our pace, and were soon back at the bailey bridge.

Blackshore cottage was running low on supplies, so I drove into town. I bought some local Suffolk pork chops (bone-in, rind-on), streaky bacon, and Norfolk lamb from the butcher, bread from Two Magpies Bakery, and other provisions from The Co-Op.

On returning to the cottage, I found MWNN sitting in the conservatory. He's headed out after me and, thinking I'd taken my usual route to Walberswick Harbour,had walked to the Ferry point.  There was no sign of me or the dog, so he crossed the river on the Ferry and walked back to the cottage.

As we sat eating our bacon baguette, we spotted Paul Heiney walking past the cottage, on his way to the bailey bridge.

Yes, it is Paul Heiney, to whom I've been bidding the tine of day. He's usually been near the Harbour Marine Services building. He's recently done the voice-over on a couple of videos for the boatyard and the Harbour Master.

Blackshore cottage (the blue end of terrace) can be seen at 2:45

Blackshore cottage (the blue end of terrace) can be seen at 3:31 - 3:35