Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Visiting the boat

MWNN, Sis-in-Law, Ron, and I, went back to the boat to finish cleaning and sorting the interior. We chose the only fine day last week.

On arrival, I took Ron for a stroll around the lake, hoping to see the red kite again. I was disappointed, but Ron pointed out some interesting fungi in various locations.

I don't know how many different varieties there were, but I took photos of those I thought might be different.

These were the first that Ron found.

For some reason, he ignored the next group

and was not the least bit interested in these.

Back on the boat, Sis-in-law was enthralled by the cosy front deck, upon which she had lunch. Afterwards, she was visited in the galley by the resident swans, begging at the window.

Feeding the wildfowl from the boat is not a good idea as they (especially swans) take chunks out of the paintwork, tapping for attention.

The trip to the boat was very successful. Most of the cleaning is finished, and we can turn our attention to airing the bunks and varnishing interior woodwork on future trips.

Sis-in-law developed a telepathic connection with Ron (again) during her two week stay. He really misses her when she returns home to Germany