Monday, 22 June 2015

Into the paint shed

much earlier than we had planned.

This morning, we drove up the A1M early, to clear the roof, and front and back decks. Kris, the painter, wanted the boat in the paint shed today.

It didn't take long to get the boat ready for moving, and the rain held off until we were ready to go to lunch.

The paint shed is newly-erected, across the lake from where we are moored.

We have a lovely set of enamel pots (for one) to use aboard. Two lovely, tiny teapots, and a rare 1950s Italian coffee pot  for MWNN's breakfast coffee.

We're looking forward to cruising to the boat festival in Northampton. Our new paintwork will be a great advert for Nene Boat Painters.

I'm hoping the cruise to Northampton will help to  spread the word about Friends of the River Nene.