Saturday, 27 June 2015

Hitchin Festival

©Woolly Chic

begins today - a month of art, music, theatre, and other fun events.

Yesterday, I was part of the team from Hitchin Stitchin who  set up the art installation in St Mary's Churchyard.

Health and Safety at knitting was much in evidence

It attracted a lot of attention during the day. Hopefully,all the photos taken by people walking through the churchyard will hit social media and bring more people in to the Festival.

Knitting installation. All done with plastic bags.

Come and sit and knit under a tree,

Crochet - granny squares.

Contrary Mary by SueH, Swing with shells,  by me.

Mine is the Nursery Rhyme tree. Mary, Mary, quite contrary.

With silver bells,

cockle shells, and lollipops.

Fruit tree - oranges and lemons (and cherries and apples)

Hickory, Dickory, Dock.

Festival of wool.

Pompoms in the Indian Bean Tree

Picking pompoms.

This way to St Mary's - a medieval wool church.

The local solicitor's bench.

Lollipop tree.

Flowers in the sun.

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