Thursday, 23 April 2015

New Toys

Ron has learned how to get treats out of his new puzzle toy.

But he still enjoys playing with it, especially when there are special bits in there.

 Today it was chicken.

He can remove the 'cups' in less than a minute to get at treats that are 'hiding' under the solid section of the toy.

Once the cups are out, a gentle push with the nose is all that is required to turn the top.

Today, with a little help from MWNN, I finished assembling my new toy - a 24" Kromski Harp Forte loom and its stand.

I'm hoping that I can 'direct warp' while it's on the stand, as the dining table is a little too short to use as a warping base if the loom is on the front end, and the warping peg is on the back.

The loom on the stand is just about the right height and gives a couple of more feet of warp length.

I need to buy some warping sticks tomorrow, before I can begin warping a 10" width at the centre of the 24" heddle.