Monday, 13 April 2015

At last

the road works at the Black Cat roundabout are coming to an end. The journey to the boat is now just over an hour. This means that we can have a day out without worrying about travel time.

Inside the boat is beginning to look shipshape. Rising temperatures mean that we have no need to light the stove and working inside is much more pleasant with fresh air,sunlight, and no need for heavy jumpers.

A coot comes calling at Teatime.

In between jobs, we can sit out on our pontoon, drinking tea and watching the wildlife.

We have a resident pair of crested grebes on the lake. I think they're nesting in the reed bed near the entrance to the River Nene.

Ruffled feathers and injured pride

There is also a pair of swans that regularly comes a- calling at the boats, demanding to be fed, Ron doesn't approve at all and makes his opinion known. Swans are noted for their robust response to such things.

This one was no exception and treated us to a display of agression, complete with hissing and raising of wings.

Meanwhile, the ducks practiced their co-ordinated flotilla formation, pairing off as they descended on the moored boats for a spot of noisy pestering.

Who said the countryside was quiet?

The marina is definitely looking springlike. Daffodils, blackthorn, and the first of the cherry trees are in full bloom. Boat crews are out in force, spring-cleaning, painting, and DIY-ing in the glorious sunshine.

With more fine weather forecasted, MWNN and I are looking forward to spending more days at the marina,

With this view to look forward to during tea-breaks and lunch, who would blame us?