Saturday, 25 October 2014

Phase 3 of the boat repatriation is now complete

Despite a major hold-up this morning at the first lock out of Oundle Marina (Lower Barnwell), we made good time cruising upstream between Oundle Marina and Blackthorn Marina.

The two Environment Agency engineers, who responded to our call for assistance, hand-wound the lock for us because there was a power-cut in the area. They assured us that there was full power at the next lock - and so there was.

There was another slight hold up as we were kept waiting for the fuel barge that was coming downstream with Ad Lib.

The trip took us just over five hours (MWNN had planned on seven). We turned into Blackthorn Marina at about 4.30 pm and moored at our new berth.

Across the lane from the marina entrance, is the path through Stanwick Lakes.

Ron decided he like this new mooring a lot.

Phase 2 of boat renovation can now begin.