Thursday, 23 October 2014

From Hampton Wick to The Thames Barrier

Today is the last day of TheD's 184 mile run. The last phase is through London I decided that TheD  no longer needed shadowing. She had a relatively late start to  the final 34 miles.

I left my hotel in Kingston-upon-Thames just after 10.30 am and headed for home.

View from Richmond Bridge

As I approached Richmond Bridge, I decided to stop for a rest and some tea. Parking was very difficult to find. There was nowhere to sit and drink my tea overlooking the river and within easy reach of the car.

I remembered cruising this stretch of the Thames over a decade ago. Even then, the planes going in and out of Heathrow were numerous and flying low as they made their approach.

Hangar Lane Gyratory

I had a stressful journey home, especially at the Chiswick Flyover section and negotiating the Hangar Lane Gyratory system.

The North Circular was chocablock and I was cut-up many times, particularly by commercial vehicles crossing lanes as they rounded corners.

Once on the A1M, the traffic thinned and driving was more civilised.

Garmin Tracking

TheD made good time, arriving at the Thames Barrier before 5pm.

Tomorrow is a rest day, followed by a weekend of boat moving.