Tuesday, 16 September 2014

An absence of three years

made me a little nervous about attending this year's WriterConUK event.

I needn't have worried.

There were lots of friendly faces, some old and some new.

There were goody bags and  a build and fly-yer-own dinosaur icebreaker activity  before the quiz (my group won, thanks to the presence of super-geek Hils)

which was followed by cocktails.

There was a newly refurbished (to me) break-out area

and cocktails.

On Saturday, There was a full day's programme.

Fanfic as Conversation between writers

10.00 Fanfic as Conversation between writers
11.00 Refreshments
11.30 Bearable fanfics from Mills and Boon summaries (very silly but such fun)

12.30 Lunch
14.00 Pimp your Fandom
15.00 Writing dialogue
16.00 Refreshments

16.30 Decorating your goody-bag pencil case

Two Hugos and a Tequila Sunrise

17.30 Cocktails - I finally took the plunge and ordered a Hugo

18.00 BadFic
1900 Dressing for dinner
19.30 Banquet
22.00 Cocktails

I was grateful that I had booked a suite as there were times when I felt rough or was too tired to participate fully. I was able to retire to my rooms and have some tea and knit.

Cowl on blocking wires

No one minded when I opted out, and I wasn't the only one to do so because the day was so packed

I even managed to finish a lacy cowl I was working on.

I had a great, if somewhat tiring time. Best of all, in my opinion, people came foward at the AGM to fill the vacancies left by the outgoing Chairperson and Treasurer - guaranteeing the continuation of The Event into its eighth year, and beyond.

The Event ended with the raffle. This year, people were so generous and brought more than one item each. Everyone managed to snaffle more than one raffle prize. Mine was a bottle of Cremant de Limoux and a box of Guiness Fudge.