Wednesday, 2 April 2014

A summer's day in Southwold

or so it seemed, yesterday.

Across the Blyth to Walberswick

We packed a picnic and parked in the Harbour Car Park where we planned to have our lunch.

Parking is a bit steep these days - £3.60 for 4 hours gave us the facilities of clean and free toilets and a lovely view across the Blyth to Walberswick.

I pulled on my wellies as I intended to have a paddle without getting frost-bite in my toes, and we headed for the Dunes where Ron could chase his ball without swallowing tons of sand.

Then it was onto the beach proper, each of us wearing sun-hats and sunblock. We needed both.

We walked as far as the Gun Hill Cafe. On the way, we stopped for a long conversation with farmers from Norfolk who were having a few days holiday. The wife was a dog breeder. She had two young labradors with her who played very nicely with Ron.

Ron really loves this beach. He and I paddled for a while. I was glad I was wearing my wellies, I could feel the cold of the North Sea even though I had on a pair of Bridgedale socks.

An hour or so later, we sat in our folding chairs in the shade of the Berlingo's tailgate and ate our picnic lunch. MWNN fed the leftovers to the gulls. Sandpipers and black headed gulls joined the herring gulls in the feast.

After lunch, we had a short doze followed by another ball-game and walk along the beach.

Such a beautiful sunny day, one of many we have enjoyed in Southwold in Spring and Autumn. No wonder this is our favourite beach.