Thursday, 9 January 2014

The time has come ...... to talk

 of many things, of shoes, and ships, and sealing-wax

and buttons ........

(After a long walk, yesterday, where MWNN and I did our 'Walrus and Carpenter' impersonation, discussing weighty matters, Postie delivered the buttons I had ordered for the new cardigan. It's not even on the needles yet, but I am pleased with how well the buttons will suit the finished garment.)

and flowers that go on giving,

(I'd bought some flowers for our Second Christmas, to replace the ones The Daughter had sent for Christmas. The arrangement still in the vase contains flowers from the original bouquet mixed in with the new one. The new one, bought in Morrisons, contained a sweeet figure dressed in woolly hat and scarf. A souvenir of that weekend.)

Swimming pool for a Patterdale.

and the weather.

MWNN walked Ron while I was at Tai Chi on Monday. The ditches are not really coping with all the rain. This indicates just how wet December and (to date) January have been. This particular section is on chalk, which drains very freely. Ron had to be kept on his expanding lead - the temptation to go swimming was so great.