Friday, 3 January 2014

The festive season

had seen parts of the UK plagued by what the MET Office calls exceptional weather.

We've escaped most of the worst weather and have regularly availed of a lull in the wind and rain to walk the local network of footpaths. Yesterday was one such lull.

We drove to what we call 'the horses' walk - a part of the Greenway around the village of Willian.

The horses walk - so called because of the horses.

Some roads had lots of standing water, as did the entrance to the car park. Ron had to be carried over the worst of the mud (much to his wriggling annoyance) before the serious work of ball-chasing could begin. The land drains well over here but there was some local flooding in some of the fields.

Some flooding in the horses' field

MWNN minus sunspecs

It was quite mild and very, very sunny with a clear blue sky.

Despite the sun, there was a chill wind. Hats and layers were the order of the day.

Later in the day, as the sun began to set, the storm clouds began forming. Looks like there's more rain on the way.