Sunday, 5 January 2014

Second Christmas

We had a 'second Christmas' with The Daughter and Son-in-Law on Saturday. They were up for a local(ish)  park-run and we did the exchange of physical presents on Friday evening. MWNN and I had already received some digital gifts, including a generous amount of Posh Yarn Gift Vouchers.

After a lovely dinner of tempura prawns, beef and carrot stew, broccoli and sugar snap peas, champagne and a rather good Vaqueras, the traditional opening of the gifts began. There were a couple of pauses to add more logs to the fire and open another bottle of red to go with the cheese board.

©Norm Driskell

The Saturday morning park-run was followed by their return here to shower off the mud and share a hearty protein-laden breakfast with us.

Later that evening, I spent some of my Christmas Posh Gift Vouchers on a sweater's worth of this gorgeous Patricia Aran.

Patricia Aran - colour 'In Dreams I look on you'.