Monday, 20 January 2014

Picnic at Priory Park

It was all MWNN's idea.

Sunday dawned crisp and clear. A perfect winter's day for a trip to Priory Park and a picnic lunch (and afternoon tea, as things turned out.) MWNN packed a flask of tea and one of coffee and we headed off via Sainsburys (for the food part of the picnic) coming up to noon.

No trip to Priory Park is complete without a visit to the boats in the marina.

The picnic lunch consumed, we trotted up the path into the marina. Several narrowboats were occupied, the distinctive smell of the solid fuel stove wafting on the still, winter's air.

The livery of Prometheus reminded MWNN and me of our own narrowboat.

Walking beside the lake is also mandatory when visiting the park. There are a couple of 'duck feeding' points from which to get good shots across the lake. The first of these is just outside the marina. Several ducks were there, demanding to be fed.

We'd forgotten to pack Ron's ball and chuck-stick, so it was necessary to keep him on a long lead. He didn't seem to mind, especially as he was allowed paddle in the edges of the lake a few times.

We all wore winter layers as, even though the sky was bright blue and clear, and the wind was nil, it is winter. Ron wore his gentleman's waxed jacket, and both MWNN and I had hats and gloves. I also had a heavy shawl over my aran-weight cardigan. Neither of us wore sun-glasses, which was a mistake. Low winter sun reflecting off the lake made taking photos tricky.

The second duck-feeding spot was also an information point, showing the different flaura and fauna to be found in and around the lake. Here were swans, canada geese, common terns, and ducks all queuing to be fed.

Priory Country Park covers 360 acres, including lakes, meadows and woodland. We have ventured onto the meadows in dryer weather.

We generally like to stick to the all-weather path that goes round Priory Lake - a stroll of about a mile.

Water holds a fascination for all three of us.

On Sunday we did not venture very far around the lake. Ron  feels constrained by his lead and there were many dogs to meet and greet. Things can get a little fractious when Ron feels the need to be off-lead during such meetings.

We headed back to the car after about an hour's stroll. We ate our  cream scones with our tea and coffee and drove home in time to catch a glorious sunset.