Saturday, 18 January 2014

New Year's Lunch

Friday was the day chosen for Hitchin Stitchin's New Year's Lunch at the Sun Hotel.

We had an excellent knitting session in the Angle Room from 10am to just after 12.15.

MWNN had driven me in early as he had an appointment elsewhere. I ordered a coffee and sat in the hotel lounge reading a book that had recently been delivered.

The book didn't make it home - it's already out on loan to Hitchin Stitchin' friend.

I didn't take any 'real' knitting with me as I was finishing off the Patricia's Dreamy Cardigan that had just come off the needles. There were yarn ends to be woven in and twelve buttons to be sewn-on.

I'd managed eight buttons in a little over two hours, making sure that each button was in exactly the right place before sewing.

The group left the Angel Room and  piled into our 'private' dining room for pre-lunch drinks.

There were twenty of us in the dining room enjoying a very companionable meal together.

I finished sewing-on the buttons at home. I'm very pleased with the result. I had been worried that I wouldn't have enough Patricia Aran to make a long cardigan without adding a contrasting stripe. There was just enough with a little over for darning should the need arise.

The cardigan was worked with a high collar and side shaping at the waist - even though my waist is lacking any such shape at the moment (#Christmas over-indulgence).