Saturday, 7 December 2013

What goes around comes around

- a phrase with which I am familiar and to which I subscribe.

To me, it means, do unto others as you would have them do to you.

Yesterday, I was telling MWNN about the wonderful people on Ravelry. Often, if a Raveler runs out of yarn before completing a project, they search the database (the Ravelry database is one of the finest online I've ever used)  to see who else has the same yarn (and shade) in their stash. Some mark items in their stash 'will trade or sell'. If a search doesn't turn up any for sale in the same country, the hunt is widened to those who have marked the yarn as 'not for sale' who have the remainder of a skein after finishing their project. Approaching a Raveler with less than a skein remaining in their stash often results in the offer of the yarn free of charge.

Artesano Aran - Midnight

Earlier in the day, I'd realised I was running out of Artesano Aran shade Midnight. I tried two local yarn shops, neither of whom stocked it. I then turned to Ravelry, found a Raveler who has about 26yds left (not for sale) and asked to buy it. The offer was made within a couple of hours with the following words.

"If you give me a postal address and your name I’ll pop it in an envelope. I don’t need any money for it; I believe that what goes round, comes round and, one day, someone will do me a favour too."

I have the final inch of each sleeve  to finish and am really pleased not to have to buy a full skein online (with added P&P) which would have cost me almost £14.