Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Yesterday I learned

that I would have coped better with learning to crochet if I'd taken reading specs with me.

I joined a group at  Just Desserts for what has become a regular (in term-time) 'learn to crochet' meeting. I want to learn to crochet well enough to complete Wooly Chic's heart kit in time for Christmas. Helen assured me that it is doable, requiring just one crochet stitch throughout.

I'd chosen a bright golden yarn and hope to fill it with Christmas frangrance as well as the stuffing that comes with the kit.

My first problem was not one of skill - it was an empty stomach. I'd had no lunch and knew I needed to eat. Just Desserts is not really the place I would have chosen for lunch, serving as it does a selection of - well - desserts.

I chose what I thought was the least sugary option I could find on the menu - a crepe filled with hot apple and raisins. Little did I realise that it came with a generous dollop of vanilla ice-cream, sprinkling of icing sugar, and a syrup coulee.

Sugar-overload was totally down to me for scoffing the lot. Next time, I know to ask the cook to 'hold the syrup and icing sugar'.

Helen managed to get me working on double-crochet stitches before my eyes cried 'enough' and I had a rest while admiring the creation of the sole male attendee.

It's a crocheted bauble, solidified with spray-glue. I think it would look lovely if glitter glue had been used.

Andy had also 'invented' a crocheted bauble that expanded when a balloon was inflated inside. Suggestions that this might be solidified with glue were voted down in favour of 'change the colour of the balloon to suit the occasion.'

I will have to return next week, to practice double-crochet stitch in-the-round - with my reading glasses.

No, really, that's the reason for going back. Cake? What cake?