Thursday, 14 November 2013

Went in search of a bench


MWNN had already found it on Tuesday, but his photos of it  failed for some technical reason.

Sturdy bench in the local stargazers' spot

It had been placed on the Edge of Wilbury Woods, by North Herts Ramblers.

From - A Topographical Dictionary of England
Author Samuel Lewis (editor) Year published 1848

 At Wildberry Hill, over which the Ikeneld-street passes, within a mile of the town, was a Roman exploratory camp, occupying an area of seven acres and a half, and surrounded by a vallum; here a fine silver coin of Faustina, consort of the Emperor Marcus Aurelius, was discovered some years since.

Having found the bench, and despite having itchy lungs, we continued our walk, completing the  ring around Cadwell Farm (Hitchin Lavender) in just over an hour and twenty minutes.

Hitchin Curve

The long descent from the hill, down towards  the farm gives excellent views of the finished Hitchin Curve as it rounds the edge of Cadwell Industrial Estate.

All trace of the activity involved in the removal and transport of chalk from the field near the woods to the new embankment had long disappeared.

Towards Willbury Woods (horizon)

The weather, once again, was kind as we trekked along the narrow footpath. Looking back towards the woods, I decided I didn't want to return to the car up that long hill.

We reached the bottom of the hill and turned into the approach to the farmyard. MWNN had warned me that it was extremely muddy and slippery. For that reason, he'd brought a walking stick and we both wore sturdy walking shoes (mine were boots).

MWNN climbs the hill to Icknield Way Path

Ron was put onto his lead as we passed the first field containing a horse. The public footpath goes right through the farmyard and dogs should be kept on lead anyway. Turning into the farmyard, we had a splendid view up the shorter (but steeper)hill and the Icknield Way Path at the top.

Lavender fields

Climbing the hill, I commented on the fact that, though the lavender harvest was finished, the scent of lavender filled the air. It wasn't quite strong enough to drown the smell of manure, but it was there, nontheless.

Wind Farm and Blue Lagoon
At the top, another right-hand turn brought us onto the Icnield Way Path, with its views down over the Bedfordshire Plain. Visibility was very good, clear enough to see the Wind Farm (beyond the Blue Lagoon) at Langford that we'd spotted from Poynder's End last week. It is a sight we don't want to see any closer. 

We were now walking alongside the spot that had a test station for wind speeds to see if it was suitable for a wind farm here.

The Icknield Way Path led us back to the car park at Wilbury Woods Picnic Site. My itchy lungs were no better after this outing. After lunch and a little bit of housework, I was ready for a rest. I took time out from dozing to try to capture the splendid sunset from my bedroom window.