Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Beautiful skies

on our Monday walk. We were at our nearest rural walk. I had my camera with me. Prepare for photo-spam.

The first three were taken from the footpath near the Scouts and Guides' Centre and look back towards the edge of town. This particular walk is easy walking-distance from the house but we we prefer to drive and park at the top of Gypsy Lane so that we can do all of our rambling on the footpaths that cross Garden City Estate land.

Looking back towards the edge of town

Further up the hill, looking towards the edge of town

Constable would have loved this sky.
The next shot is from the path that climbs up to the top track from which the previous photos were taken, This shot looks towards the site of a Roman Villa.

And finally - a quote from Terrier Rescue that fits the next picture, perfectly.

There is nothing in this world as mesmerising ...  as walking with a Patterdale! They are alive..on the case..they dance and in their element listening for a rustle; watching for a movement. Their stance as they pose, dance, and freeze so captivating.

Ron, you're the real McCoy