Friday, 11 October 2013

Sunshine (very little) and showers (a lot)

greeted us yesterday. After a leisurely breakfast at Hayler's Retreat, we headed off in search of the new Waitrose on the Cromer Road.

Once we were on the Cromer Road, of course, we couldn't resist the temptation to drive the 10miles to the seaside town. It was very different from how I remembered it. It was also very wet and windy. One gust almost took us off our feet it was so strong. Parking was nigh impossible, so we used up our 30 mins of free parking in a back street to buy thermal gloves and various supplies from the pharmacy, and headed back towards North Walsham.

We detoured into Overstrand for lunch. Boy was that a good decision. We lunched at the Sea Marge Hotel.

Sea Marge Hotel has a fascinating history. We had two very good meals for £12 (special offer total). MWNN had some Wild Elderflower with his liver and smoked bacon with mashed potato, red cabbage, and gravy.

Clement Scott bar from Minstrels' Gallery

We ate in the The Clement Scott Bar, described as the hub of Sea Marge ...... with its vaulted timber roof, wood panelling, mullioned bay windows, massive stone fireplace and minstrels’ gallery.

We could have eaten in the lounge and taken Ron in with us, but there was only one dining table in there and it was occupied. Ron was compensated for being left out in the car, with some bits of liver from MWNN's meal.