Thursday, 5 September 2013

There is much work to be done

in some areas, but surprisingly little in others.

I had my Health MOT at Nuffield Fitness and Wellbeing club yesterday. The results were not what I  expected.

  • I have not gained as much weight as I thought. Perhaps I had but I've already shed some of it with very little effort. I an just 3.5k over my healthy, fit, target.
  • My blood sugar is on the low side of normal - yay! 
  • My BP is lower than it has ever been 90/60.


  • My waist to hip ratio is not at all good and needs a lot of work
  • My aerobic fitness is extremely low.

The advice from my personal trainer is for moderate exercise to build back fitness slowly and steadily.

We'll see how it goes with a Beginners' Pilates class, an Aqua Splash session, and a swim, to begin with each week.