Tuesday, 10 September 2013

First time

since January.

I was back in the pool for an Aqua Aerobics class, yesterday.

45mins of hectic workout told me just how out-of-condition I am.

Muscles I'd forgotten I had made their presence known and I had dificulty keeping my feet on the floor when using the float in some resistance routines.

The plan was to follow the Aqua session with a snack and a rest, then go on to Pilates Class. The plan was scuppered. I'd left the house in such a rush that I forgot to pack gear for Pilates, left my mobile on the hall table, and even forgot knickers (I put on the swimsuit at home to save time).

The plan may need revising until I am fit enough to complete Aqua Aerobics without hurting so much.

I did enjoy the session though. After an initial 'oh my God, I can't breathe' 15 minutes in, my lungs opened up and I was able to give each exercise some welly. I would have followed the class with a swim, but I didn't pack goggles.

Note to self. Keep bag packed with everything needed at the gym.