Monday, 19 August 2013

No I didn't make this,

because I am physically incapable of learning to crochet without going mad at the moment.

Ewe-niss keeping the tea hot in my antique British Rail silver teapot.

My friend, Helen, of Wooly Chic made it and sold it to me.

This little ewe and her sisters have been causing quite a stir in foreign countries.

A Blogger in Spain seems to think the kits are souvenirs from Scotland  (um Welsh Black Mountain wool?) and places them at number five on its favouites' list.

Fans can be found in Europe and as far away as Arizon, USA "My mum got me a sheepy kit from the Wales wool show. My sheep lives with me in Arizona; I've since used the pattern to make cozies for family living in Colorado and Illinois. Its a HUGE hit over here!"

There is hope for me, though. Helen has offered to teach me to crochet so I may, eventually, have the whole family gracing my teapots

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  1. I am looking forward to teaching you to crochet Pat, I am sure you will pick it up easily!
    Glad you like Eunice Ewe, she looks great on your tea pot.