Sunday, 18 August 2013

Morning (not sure if it's good where you are)

I went back home from yesterday morning’s trip to Hitchin Lavender in time for lunch, having dropped Wickewoolywitch and friend in town for a mooch in the shops and a bite of lunch at about 1pm. They’re probably still there.

I’m not sure that the Witch’s bank balance will stand much of a mooch around Hitchin’s independent traders. She bought a huge amount of lavender ‘essentials’ in the Lavender Barn shop, in addition to cutting two plastic bag-fulls of lavender in the fields.

While they were toiling in the fields, I enjoyed a spot of elevenses in the barn.

The weather stayed fine, if somewhat cloudy and windy. The lack of sunshine probably accounted for the fact that the Lavender Farm was not particularly crowded for a Saturday.