Monday, 26 August 2013

New raincoat


My old Regatta jacket has started leaking at the shoulder seams. During the walk on Saturday afternoon, I got quite wet.

Sunday morning MWNN, Ron, and I headed off for a walk via several shops. I was really looking for a replacement to my trusty Regatta with all the features I love, especially the length and the red colour)

Material Science has moved on a lot in the twelve or thirteen years since I bought the Regatta. It was in Countryside Ski and Climb, in Stevenage Old Town that we found a lovely North Face Alpine Project Jacket.

It's much more high tec than the Regatta but MWNN was rather taken with it and bought it for me.

Either I've expanded much more than I thought, (The Regatta is a size 10 (S) ) or North Face cut their women's jackets much closer to the body. I needed a women's large (12-14) to have enough room to wear a fleece underneath. It's not as comfortable as the Regatta, was five times the price (even at the Sale price) and is perilously close to pink.

Barberries are the fruit of the berberis shrub. The Berberis thunbergii has a red berry that is verging on the colour pink.

Barberries - this colour is much closer to the colour of the jacket..

I'm sure the North Face will do a great job on long walks and while boating, but I might just look for a Regatta replacement online for wearing around town and on shorter walks.