Saturday, 2 March 2013

Sunshine and showers

greeted us on our anniversary outing yesterday.

We started at Toby's walks nature reserve because the morning was grey and very windy. The car park was locked so we parked outside the gates. It's an interesting site with the possibility of some wildlife sighting in the season.

The rain began just as we reached the end of the circuit.

MWNN striding out/

We moved on to Southwold beach and the sun appeared as we walked towards the pier.

The sand had been washed right over onto the promenade outside the South Beach huts, burying the steps and making walking quite difficult.

Ron had his ball chase game at the nature reserve and spent the beach walk rushing between me and MWNN and greeting the few dogs who were out that morning.

On the way back to the car, Ron couldn't resist a quick paddle.
 This beach hut reminded me of an old ELO song.

Mr Blue Sky