Sunday, 3 March 2013

Our last day

in Southwold was the mildest of the week. It was overcast at first but the wind had swung to SE and there was little or no chill factor.

We began our outing at Hen Reedbeds.  We were lucky enough to spot a flock of avocets taking off from one of the many 'ponds' dotted throughout this nature reserve. We also saw some white-fronted geese, lots of different sea birds, mallards, a coot, and some swan pairs. I managed to get a shot of one swan as she came in to land on the pond opposite the Hide for which we were making.
Coming in to land.

Waiting for the mate (taken from inside the Hide

Once inside the Hide, we watched the single swan on the 'pond' until she began calling for her mate. That upset Ron who started to howl and growl, making such a racket that there was no chance of glimpsing the elusive Bittern or shy otters.

We headed back to the car, passing a couple on the observation platform. They had seen the geese but had yet to move on to find the avocet.

Copyright Suffolk Wildlife Trust

Just as we approached the car park, we spotted a couple of Tarpan horses grazing the reed beds.

On our way to Southwold's sand dunes, we picked up some rare breed sirloin steak for dinner and pork to take home from the Butcher in Southwold.

From the dunes to the sea

The sand dunes are an alternative walk-cum-ball game for Ron who swallows too much sand when retrieving from the beach.

On this particular walk, Ron abandoned his ball in favour of tracking a scent. I had the foresight to put him on his expanding lead just as we reached the entrance to the rabbit warren.
Ron discovers the joys of the rabbit hole

We walked to the entrance of the harbour and looked across the Blythe to Walberswick.

Then it was time to head home for a late afternoon tea.

The light is on in Southwold Lighthouse.
The sun was shining over the beach as we left the dunes, promising better weather for next week. Although it was now bright and mild, Southwold's lighthouse twinkled in the distance as we said our goodbyes to our favourite seaside town.