Tuesday, 22 January 2013

New Soup

Thanks to The Daughter for pointing me at this recipe for Broccoli, feta, and walnut soup. Unlike the picture below, I blended the cheese and walnuts into my version, which gave it a creamy texture. MWNN said it's not a patch on my broccoli and stilton soup but he'll eat it anyway.

There was a minor glitch during the cooking of this soup. The microwave, used everyday and well over 30 years old, died. MWNN changed the fuse but it still didn't work. I suggested that perhaps the socket on the gang-board had given up the ghost. Sure enough, plugging the microwave into the socket usually reserved for the slow cooker, solved the problem.

Thanks to The Daughter, too, for recommending the Russell Hobbs blender from Argos, after my Sainsburys' essentials blender fell apart.