Tuesday, 6 November 2012

One Estuary

two beaches.


Yesterday, MWNN and I walked from Southwold Harbour to Walberswick and back. Instead of turning left onto the estuary footpath (green on the map) after the footbridge over the river Blyth, MWNN insisted we continue following the path of the old single-track railway line, which took us inland, on a 'strawberry shortcut' around the village of Walberswick.

This was a much longer walk than I thought we had planned so I was pleased that I was wearing my knee support.

We finally arrived at Walberswick beach, a shingle beach divided from Southwold's sands by the river Blyth estuary.  Ron found the shingle challenging for his little paws.

Walberswick Village

I thought we might have an early lunch sandwich at Walberswick Tea shop but MWNN wanted to head back to the Harbour Inn for fish'n'chips.

On the return journey, along the estuary path, I was disappointed to see that the ferry wasn't running. It's such a short row across the river compared to the long walk to the footbridge crossing and we haven't yet experienced the ferry crossing (dogs free).

The weather was superb all day, with magnificent big 'Constable' skies. The view across the marches from the footbridge never fails to impress.

So near and yet so far

Back at the Harbour Inn, we soon tucked into much needed late lunch of cod and chips and a pint of Adnams Southwold Bitter.