Friday, 12 October 2012

New Targets

Setting new targets for fitness and knitting.

 First, the knitting.

 I recently completed the Posh Challenge 2012, when I finished the last of seven pairs of socks four months ahead of schedule.

Now, I'm turning my hand to knitting two plaid wraps for the winter.

The first, Kirkwall Wrap, from Rowan Magazine 52, is a 'mock tartan' that is achieved through dropped stitches. It's proving difficult to keep track of the 30 row repeat pattern and really needs blocking throughout the knitting stage.

I'm knitting it in New Lanark Mills Aran yarn (Rowan Tweed is much too expensive), in Woodland and Autumn shades.

 The second, Camus, from Berroco Blackstone Tweed 298 booklet, looks very like a woven tartan. It's knitting in reverse stocking stitch with woven vertical stripes added after blocking.

This too is being worked in New Lanark Mills Aran,  colours - natural black, cherry, blue lovage, and ochre.

Both patterns are challenging and require attention while working. I think I'll be working Camus this morning at knitting group.