Friday, 26 October 2012

End of an era

When we first moved out of London and into our 'house in the country', we would give visitors directions 'when you reach the cookie monsters you've arrived.
First there were 5
Then there were 4

The first thing our surveyor told us was to have the tree nearest the house removed. We've lived here for over 30 years and the remaining 'cookie monsters' (leylandii) have always been a part of the house's identity.  But, as the decades passed, the trees have grown wider each time we had them 'topped', taking over the garden space and intruding into the council's grass verge. Generations of pigeons, starlings, and finches have nested in the trees and we were reluctant to remove them.

Last Google maps street view

 Eventually, the old wood and heavy branches became sodden and then rotten and the time came for them all to go.
Awaiting the woodman who'll remove the stumps and debris

The house looks bare, and vulnerable, and, although there is now more light in the NE-facing sitting room, I know I'm going to miss the 'green view' from the window.