Sunday, 28 October 2012

40 years ago today

I worked harder than I had ever done before or have ever done since.

Six pink roses for Baby, six red roses for Mum.

MWNN was present at the birth (despite the nurse's attempts to keep him in 'the Father's room'), which was very unusual in those days. Baby arrived in time for me to have a very early breakfast (about 5.30am) but, as the hospital was serving fish fingers and baked beans (probably leftovers from the night before), I declined.

Hospital routines demanded a strict 'feed to timetable' and 'baby back in nursery' regime, which didn't suit the pair of us, so just two days later (first-baby hospital 'lie-ins' were about 10 days in 1972), we were home.

Happy Birthday The Daughter. We will raise a glass of something suitable to toast your birthday this evening.