Friday, 13 July 2012

One fine day

(Thursday) we took advantage of the lull in the incessant rain that has been falling for over a month, and walked beside the lavender fields.

 View from the climb to the Icknield Way

Despite a slow start to the season, the plants are beginning to come into flower and the bees have already produced an early Spring batch of honey. The farm was busy with visitors - in the fields and in the barn (where tea and cake was on offer).

Tea, scones (with clotted cream), and coffee and pecan cake

MWNN, Ron and I enjoyed the steep climb up to the Icknield Way where we had a great view across two counties (Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire).

The weather held fair so we were able to take our tea and cake outside with the fragrant scent of lavender wafting towards us on the wind.

There has been lavender grown in Hitchin for hundreds of years. One of the posters on display in the barn advertises the  products of the lavender distilling industry set up by Perks and Llewellyn .