Thursday, 5 April 2012

A new fruit?

I love plums.

MWNN regularly re-stocks the fridge with my morning fruit of choice.

Last time he shopped, there were three 'strange looking' plums in the top layer of the plum section. Beneath, was a layer of large red plums of the sort I like.

The skin of the three 'strange looking' plums was green with purple mottling. Firm to the touch, the outward appearance promised a tart cooking plum.

What a surprise lay inside. Dark red flesh that was sweet so very plummy yet  totally unlike any plum I've tasted before.

A new fruit? MWNN speculated that it might be passion fruit. But no - it was pipless - a large, firm stone instead. A quick Google revealed that they were Flavor Supreme - a pluot. It's hardly a 'new' fruit, having been in existence since the 1990s, but, we have not, knowingly, seen them for sale in a supermarket before.

Of course, the search will now be on to find other suppliers of this wonderful 'plum;.