Wednesday, 28 March 2012

It feels good to be teaching again

There are three sisters on this Irish Music Course. All are classically trained instrumentalists and very talented singers. One of the twins is a percussionist who had been given a bodhran by a friend and brought it along to try it for the first time. She was a little dismayed to discover that the instrumental tutor is a fiddler.

She was relieved to discover that I was a bodhran player, albeit a beginner.  I've enjoyed giving her a few basic lessons, even though this meant that I was used as an accompanying guitarist during the first few sessions. She's hooked and intends to buy herself a smaller bodhran and use the online free lessons made available by my bodhran tutor.

I've also taught the sisters one of the songs performed by my siging group. Garten Mother's Lullaby suits their voices very well and the fledgling bodhran player is learning to play the waltz quietly using a brush. Who knew astry brushes could be put to such good use?