Monday, 26 March 2012

Challenges ahead

I'm preparing for the music course for which I signed up some time ago. It's four days of making Irish music with other musicians at various levels of competence. I've classed myself as a beginner on the bodhran and, as I haven't done any playing or practice for almost a year, I'm relieved about that classification.  I'll take my guitar along just in case there is need for an extra player in any of the sessions.

There is a mixture of excitement and nervousness as the start-date approaches. I haven't done any playing in public for a few years and none at all on the bodhran. I'm hoping the course will be a informal affair and one at which I can relax and rest. There may even be some involvement in the dancing.

I upgraded my attendance to 'residential' because MWNN is taking advantage of my absence to do some wall washing and painting inside the house.