Monday, 9 January 2012

Ring out the old,

ring in the new older.

Old(er) DVD player (Yamada
We have two films that we wanted to watch over the holiday period. The DVD player wouldn't power up. We tried relpacing the fuse in the plug. Still no go. As the plug was a moulded one, there was no chance of trying to re-wire it.

The DVD player had kicked the  bucket,  shuffled off 'is mortal coil, and joined the bleedin' choir invisibile. It was an EX DVD PLAYER.

Time to get a replacement. But lo - what was that lurking beneath the guest bed? An even older DVD player that might just have a spark of life left in it. No remote, but that is easly solved.

We tried it with 'The King's Speech' one evening when there was nothing much on TV. About three quarters the way through, the film ground to a halt, started again, repeated the pause/start (much like the King before the therapist got to work on him). Perhaps we did need a replacement for the dead parrot DVD player after all?

MWNN decided not and ordered a DVD cleaning disc instead. It arrived on Saturday and I popped it into the player to see if it would make any difference to the stammer. Alas, without a remote, I couldn't set the language to English and had to 'play' it on the default setting which seems to be Chinese. The 'zapping' graphics were pretty but I still have no idea if it completed the cleaning process. Only one way to find out. In went 'The King's Speech' again. Fast forward to the final 'Act' which played without a stammer (except for the one the King inserted into the speech so that people would know it was really him.

A Universal remote control is now on order. Even if the older DVD player gives up the ghost soon, the remote will come in handy as a spare for any future purchases.