Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Needs versus wants.

We don't need another teapot.

Aynsley, Elizabeth Rose  'Tea for One set'
But I want this one. It's Aynsley fine bone china and so very very pretty.  Elizabeth Rose is the quintessential british dining pattern. Pink roses against a white fine bone china accented by a twenty-four carat gold rim. The pattern is evocative of an English Rose Garden on a summer afternoon. I can almost smell those fragrant roses.

It's not as though there will be instant gratification in acquiring it. Some Aynsley pieces take between 8 - 12 weeks to arrive as they're made to order.

Normally, I would give myself a metaphorocal slap for such arguments. But I've just had a tax rebate and money from book sales and was expecting neither. Last year, similar windfalls arrived before Chrismas, in time for me to sign up with the Posh Yarn Random Club.This year, I couldn't justify joining the Posh Yarn Club as I don't need or want any more Posh yarn.

Aynsley, Elizabeth (edged with 24ct gold)

Nor do I need another 'tea for one set'. I want a fine English bone one to use at those times that MWNN gets out his Aynsley Elizabeth teatime setting I bought years ago. Elizabeth is an acid etch decorated pattern in twenty-four carart gold. The linking leaf design adds depth to the decoration with each piece being produced by skilled craftsmen it can take up to 12 weeks to produce a single plate (and therefore expensive as I know to my cost when I broke the tea plate and ordered a replacement from the local china shop.)

MWNN didn't need gold-edged fine bone china either, but life would be far less pleasant if we denied the occasional indulgence of some of our wants when finances permit. I've ordered my Aynsley Elizabeth rose from Tableware UK and await the invoice and  delivery date with some excitement.