Thursday, 19 January 2012

I don't care if it's raining

I don't care if it's cold. I don't care about my wonky leg.

The morning after a Singing Aloud session is always bright and cheerful.

The after-effects of singing in harmony with a large female acapella group tends to spill over into the rest of the week, especially if I listen to the practice CD and sing the bass part against all the other parts in turn, as well as with the track with all the parts singing.

Singin Aloud in concert

The choir has grown in numbers over the last four months. At Tuesday evening's session, there were 28 of us. Not only that, but everyone is so darned friendly.

We welcomed two new members on Tuesday, one of whom was terrified after a nasty experience with another choir. She relaxed visibly after the warm-up session and was soon singing confidently with the altos.


We are looking forward to two happy events for two of our members. The first is the arrival of Amy's baby sometime in February. We've already collected for the 'baby shower' gift and signed the accompanying card.

The second is Jackie's wedding in June. We've been invited to sing at the wedding and one of the songs we're learning at the moment has been requested. It sounds absolutely fabulous already in rehersal and we've only reached verse three.  It's a wonderful arangement of the Turtles' Classic (link to practice track) 'Happy Together'.