Wednesday, 18 January 2012


There is type two diabetes in the family and I showed a pre-disposition to developing it when I was pregnant. For 'the sake of the baby' and my future health, I adopted a low-sugar (i.e. no added/refined sugar and limited fruit and vegetable sugars) diet. As a result, I don't oftten crave sweet things but whenI do, I can satisfy the pangs with fruit or sugar-free sweets. Good news for my blood sugar levels which have remained 'normal' ever since.

Christmas is the one exception when craving sweet things gets a little out of control. After many mince pies, a little Christmas Pud. and some chocolate, I find resisting the cravings very very difficult. It's winter and the body needs more fuel to stay warm. I used to keep a supply of sugar-free sweets (usually liquorice)  from France in the larder but this year, the larder is bare.

oranges&lemons, liquorice, cough candy sweets

I discovered the  Allsorts4u website some months ago,  earmarked a variety of different flavours I'd not tasted in sugar-free version, and added them to my wish list.

After my recent fall, the cravings became severe, so I ordered a selection which arrived on Monday. I can report that the cough candy and liquorice taste just like their sugary counterparts, whereas the oranges and lemons slices fail in the texture department although the flavour is very good.