Thursday, 1 December 2011

Just on our doorstep

It was a dark and stormy night lovely sunny day, yesterday, so we went a little further afield for our walk with Ron. We'd not been to Radwell Meadows for over 20 years and it was quite a surprise to find that our usual route across the water meadows was now a section of a much larger project - part of Letchworth Garden City's Greenway.

We took the long circular route. starting at the rear of the car park, using the hard cycle track and returning via the old path across the fields to the entrance to the car park. By this time we were both ravenous and stopped at Bickerdyke's Garden Centre for a late lunch. The place was packed and, with only one visible serving wench, we decided we couldn't wait.

We headed home, stopping at the Three Horseshoes in Norton to see if it was still serving food.  It was.

And wonderful food too. MWNN ordered prawns in chilli sauce. He proclaimed they were the best he'd eaten in a long time. His pint of Sharp's Doom Bar bitter was fragrant and fresh-smelling (and I don't like beer). My half-pounder (100%) beefburger was perfectly cooked.

We sat at the table beside the fireplace where we enjoyed the ambience of the exposed beams, parquet floor, and solid wooden tables. I'd heard good things about the food at the Three Horseshoes. Now that we've experienced it for ourselves , I agree that it's a venue to put on the list of 'excellent eateries' that are but a stone's throw from home.