Wednesday, 30 November 2011

New (to me) flour

I had some Kamut flour in my birthday hamper and decided to have a go at making a loaf.

Picture courtesy Organic Gardening and Homesteading
Kamut grains and loaf
I used a wholemeal bread recipe from the New Bread Machine Recipe Book, which called for 50% Kamut/50%white flour. As I didn't know how the flour would perform, I made the smallest loaf on a high bake crust setting.

When it came out of the machine, I was a little disappointed as it was quite small. The recipe called for 1.5tsp of yeast, which is more than I use for a large white loaf. Disappointment didn't last long, however. The first slice revealed a creamy white bread with an extraordinarily crisp thin crust. The flavour is wonderful. I shall defnitely be making more, especially for 'special celebration' meals.