Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Lovely new ad

from Twinings, that is less about their tea and more about the hectic lives that women today lead, and how taking just 10 minutes out each day to reconnect with yourself can have such an impact on the rest of your day. I love the advert but wish the agency had chosen someone with better diction to sing the song "Wherever you will go". She has a good voice, but I can't fathom the lyrics, which is irritating. Watching without sound is much better and the metaphor is just as effective.

Recent research has revealed that women all over the UK are so focused on looking after others, they do not have the opportunity to take any "me-time", and as a result are sometimes left forgeting who they really are. Taking just 10 minutes out for yourself can have a really positive impact on mental and emotional wellbeing.

I'm a seasoned practitioner of 'me time'. Mine's usually spent with a special tea and a good book.