Saturday, 3 September 2011

Revised Schedule

Danesfield Spa pool
I don't normally start my fitness routine until after we return from our Autumn cruise. As there will be no autumn cruise this year, I've reactivated my membership of the Nuffield Health and Fitness Club and begin work on re-building my fitness and stamina levels next week.

I found it quite hard to be hit by sciatica before I'd fully recovered from the effects of the pleurisy. It made perfect sense when the physio explained how weeks of inactivity had caused the muscles in that damaged leg to stiffen and that the demands made on it during the standing Qigong sessions resulted in the pain from a pinched sciatic nerve (probably pinched during coughing spasms). It made perfect sense but didn't make accepting the setback any easier.

The physio assures me that swimming is probably the best  form of exercise I can take (along with the back exercises to strenghthen the muscles around the nerve itself.)

Looking forward to feeling better again.